Release: May 2011
by Lindenwald


     More Postcards From Across the Pond  
is a welcome
continuation of the adventures of an accidental expatriate.
Now a seasoned veteran of expat life, Mr. Harling turns
his eye toward the minutiae of his daily existence and the
foibles that challenge his sanity both as a newly minted British
citizen and as a human being.
     More Postcards From Across the Pond is a chronicle, not so much about what divides us, but what makes us the same.

 “What a fantastic read!  More Postcards From Across the Pond is chock full of witty, wry observations that will have any reader—regardless of the place they call home—turning the pages for more.
I found myself laughing out loud so many times my husband asked if I was okay.”
      — Marsha Moore, author of the 24 Hours travel series

“Anyone who\’s dreamed of or endured life in Britain will love Michael Harling\’s hilarious
and on-the-mark tales in
More Postcards From Across The Pond.”
      — Leslie Banker and William Mullins, co-authors of
Britannia in Brief

 “When you have a wry British sense of humour trapped in an American mind, there are a limited number of career options open to you. Michael Harling has found his niche—taking the piss out of the British in a dry,
matter-of-fact and gloriously British
      — Chris Rae, author of The Septic’s Companion

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  If you like the sequel, you\’ll love the original:

Released Nov 2008
by Lean
Market Press


It’s England–America’s staging ground for sorting
out European wars, they speak the same language,
watch the same TV, read the same books–it shouldn’t
be much different than moving from New York to Arkansas.
The differences, however, were plentiful and unexpected . .

Postcards From Across the Pond
 Dispatches from an Accidental Expat

\”Laugh out loud funny regardless of which side of the pond you call home… Bill Bryson move over; there\’s a new American expat in town with a keen sense of humor.\”
      — Jeff Yeager, The Ultimate Cheapskare\’s Road Map to True Riches

 \”A lovely, quixotic, affectionate attempt to bring together those \’two nations divided by a common language.\’  A must for travelers in both directions.\”
     — Gordon Astley, BBC Southern Counties Radio

 \”Michael Harling\’s essays about what it\’s like to be an American living in England are not only fascinating for Anglophiles who\’ve only visited the \’motherland\’ on vacation, but very, very funny, too. Joe Queenan and Bill Bryson…watch out!\”
      — Diana Burrell, co-author of The Renegade Writer


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